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26.10.2014, 09:52
Hallo zusammen ,

ich erhielt folgende mail von einem italienischen Journalisten & Fotografen, der eine Reportage über Familien schreiben will, die an Bord von Binnenschiffen (zusammen)leben und diesbezüglich Informationen & Kontakte sucht.

(Ich kenne den Herrn nicht persönlich und leite diese Anfrage nur weiter - ohne Gewähr !)

Falls jemand diesbezüglich Kontakt aufnehmen will, bitte direkt mit ihm unter den angegebenen Daten.


anbei der Mailtext im Original:
Dear Steffen,
I am sending to you this email through your blog about Danube cargo ships.
My name is Simone Pierotti, I am an Italian photographer and writer. In 2012, In collaboration with UNESCO, I started a reportage about the river network that link the North Sea to the Black Sea. During that time I had the chance to observe a number of commercial barges moving back and forward along the Rhein the Main and the Donau river, with flags from different European countries, working day and night despite the weather conditions.
I was really impressed by the amount of barges sailing the Rhein-Main-Donau river network but even more impressed because in some cases part of the crew was made by family members: mother, father and numbers of children.
Now I am planning a new reportage that focus on this specific topic: families living together aboard commercial barges. The goal of this work is to create a combination of photos plus text, explaining the life of this peculiar people that lives constantly aboard their boats. The final product will be sold to several magazine (GEO, National Geographic, Mare).
I would like to know if (with your extended knowledge about the topic) you could help me with my reportage, giving me some contacts or information about someone that lives permanently on a barge that could be a subject for my reportage.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further question. I hope to ear from you soon. You can also reach me at my phone number 0039-339-7143846

Simone Pierotti
Simone Pierotti

www.simonepierotti.com (http://www.simonepierotti.com)info@simonepierotti.com
mobile +39.339.7143846
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